Tareno Funds – Enhanced Index Investing Equities

The aim of this equity fund is to offer investors a broadly diversified investment vehicle whose volatility is comparable to that of the MSCI Europe Price Index (excluding dividends), but with a higher expected return. This fund invests in a range of different asset classes selected on the basis of expected return, expected volatility and historical correlation with other asset classes. “Small caps” and “value caps” are overweighted. The Fund does not intend to replicate the Index. The index is only used for performance comparison. More information can be found here.
Fund Manager: Marc Wagener

Tareno Funds – Enhanced Index Investing Bonds/Return

The objective of this fund is to offer the investor a largely diversified investment vehicle offering an exposure to global bond markets. Bond markets are split into different asset classes and are selected on the basis of expected return, expected volatility and historical correlation among them. This fund follows a diversified investment approach. More information can be found here.

Fund Manager: Marc Wagener

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Tareno Funds – Diversified Index Investing Fund

The Tareno Diversified Index Investing Equities/Bonds/Real Assets Fund offers you an integrated professional wealth management with the following special features:

  1. Maximum diversification: Based on a growth-oriented basic allocation among shares, bonds and precious metals, the investment universe is further split up according to criteria such as geography, investment style (shares), currency and term (bonds), creating a broadly diversified portfolio with many different asset classes.
  2. Stable allocation: The relative weights of all asset classes are maintained stable in order to avoid losses from failed speculation by active management and to generate additional returns through anticyclical portfolio adjustment.
  3. Low-cost index funds: The whole portfolio contains only index funds with significantly lower costs than actively managed funds.
  4. Strong protection against inflation: The fund aims to provide an effective hedge against inflation risks through a high portfolio share of precious metals, real estate and resource stocks.

Fund Manager: Marc Wagener

Investor Relations: Matthias Kelm

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Tareno Funds – Value-Opportunity Equities 

The fund is actively managed with no reference to a benchmark. A minimum of 75% of its net assets are invested in equities, without geographical, sectorial or currency limitation.

The fund invests in listed companies that are traded on the regulated stock markets. The investments target companies that meet some or all of the investment criteria hereunder. Targeted companies should have a proven track-record and have a sound balance sheet, a good management and sell products or offer services for which one can expect a steady demand or even growth. These companies should trade at a price which seems rather low taking into account the fundamentals (“value investing”) of the respective companies. Since it could mean that this company is out of favor within the investment community, it is often possible that not all investment criteria will be met.

Flexibility to stay away from a benchmark, industry, or stock weightings, ensuring a portfolio truly reflective of the investment criteria indicated here above is a corner stone of the fund’s strategy.

Fund Manager: Gui Verhaegen